Warm and Wonderful x Globe-Trotter Carry-On


Warm and Wonderful x Globe-Trotter Carry-On


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The Warm & Wonderful x Globe-Trotter capsule features Globe-Trotter’s signature Trolley Carry-On case in Warm & Wonderful’s trademark red, white and black sheep pattern.


Four-wheel carry-on bag. Metal locks and leather strap closure. Lined interior.


Dimensions in inches: 15.7 x 21.6 x 8.2 (WxHxD)

About Globe-Trotter

Synonymous with great British design since 1897, Globe-Trotter uses traditional machinery to craft its exclusive pieces. The Warm & Wonderful cases are made from panels of vulcanised fibreboard: a unique material invented in Britain during the 1850s that's as strong as leather and as light as aluminium. Each sheet is moulded into shape using a method patented by the company in 1901, while the case’s leather corners are moulded on Victorian press machines over a period of five days to ensure optimum strength and form.


Dimensions (inches)

15.7" W x 21.6" H x 8.2" D